Duet Lessons

Come work out with a partner, friend, or let Laura pair you up with someone at the studio. Duet lessons are semi-private, and are 2 people working out together. It's not necessary to be at the same level of fitness as your partner, and like Private lessons, we follow the Pilates system and focus on individual needs. These sessions are perfect for those who like working out with others. Some of Laura's clients enjoy mixing it up and doing one private lesson and one duet lesson per week. Come join us! Pilates is good for the body!

Duet lessons require that you do an Intro Offer Private Lessons first.

As part of our member community we offer many packages to suit different budgets, lifestyles and goals. With private sessions starting at $340/month, and duet sessions beginning at $204/month, we have an option for every person.

Reach out to us today so we can help you find the ideal option for you.