About Laura

Laura Cotler Classical Pilates Instructor

Laura Cotler

Laura is comprehensively trained in the Pilates method and certified since 2001. She has been teaching Pilates for more than 18 years. Laura teaches the original method developed by Joseph Pilates with an individualized focus to get you back to your optimal health and well-being.

Her primary focus is working with people with chronic pain and injuries. Laura works with injured athletes, clients who are post-rehab and referred to her from physicians, physical therapists, or chiropractors, or those who are merely feeling achy and stiff and want to be able to pick up their newspaper in the morning!

Through Pilates, Laura teaches her clients how to develop a balanced body, as flexible as it is strong. This classical approach leads to better posture, a graceful, flowing gait, and a body that moves with ease and in harmony with itself. She enjoys helping her students learn to move their bodies and to do things they never believed possible!

Laura has trained with nationally renowned instructors, including Jay Grimes, Sandy Shimoda, Karen Frischmann, Andrea Maida, Ron Fletcher, Elizabeth Larkham, and Sherri Betz. She has done workshops with Jay Grimes and Ron Fletcher, both Pilates elders who worked directly under Joseph Pilates. Laura currently studies with several Pilates teachers who graduated from The Work® at Vintage Pilates in Los Angeles. She holds certifications from The Pilates Method Alliance®, Polestar Pilates®, Stott Pilates®, Oov by Daniel Vladeta, MELT® certified Hand and Foot Instructor, and is an Authentic Pilates Union Active Instructor, as well as serving as their membership coordinator. She has also studied the Gokale Method and taken workshops with Anat Baniel. Laura continues to keep up her training through workshops several times a year and enjoys sharing what she’s learned with her students and clients.

She is credited as having brought Pilates to her Davis community in 2000 to the health club she was managing at the time when there was no Pilates in the area. She started as a “contemporary” Pilates teacher and got her first Pilates certification in 2001. Laura became interested in "post rehab" Pilates and studied and certified with Polestar Pilates and Sherri Betz in 2004-2005. In between 2010 and 2013 she studied and became a level 2 certified instructor with Stott Pilates. Always the student, Laura found Pilates teacher Andrea Maida in 2015, and then after a long illness, in 2017, found Sunni Almond of Going More Joe and fell in love with the true Pilates method (see Laura’s first blog post for more on why she became a Classical Pilates teacher).

Laura currently offers private Pilates lessons, and her studio is the only fully equipped Pilates studio in the greater Sacramento area that uses the original apparatus by Gratz Pilates.

The studio is located in downtown Davis, near the train station, on the corner of 2nd and G streets, on the 2nd floor of the Chen Building, 20 minutes from downtown Sacramento.

In her spare time, Laura can be found skiing, kayaking, swimming, and dining with her husband "Coach" Steve (goalgettersindoorsoccer.com). They have 4 children (3 now grown!) ages 12 through 30 and a 6-year old labradoodle Ruby. Laura also enjoys reading spy novels and spending time with her 17-year old lounge-cat, Max!